Leah Oh

"I am a Product designer passionate about sharing love,
through research-driven, user-centered design"

Hello, I am Leah, a product designer🎨 based in Seattle.
Currently, I'm pursuing my Master's in Human-Centered Design & Engineering (HCDE) at the University of Washington.🎓

I am from Seoul, South Korea, and moved to the States October of 2021.
My undergraduate studies were in fashion design and business, which led me to work as a fashion R&D designer👗🧶 when I was in Korea. But now, I've made a transition into product design, highlighted by my internship at LinkedIn.

As a fashion designer by trade and a professional who designs with both beauty and intent, I wish to also apply critical thinking in identifying and solving real-world problems through research and design.

📷 by Leah